Available Services from Vertikal

Services you can expect from Vertikal include:

  • Overall Program Management
  • Site Recon and Due Diligence
  • NEPA Compliance Management
  • FCC Compliance Management
  • FAA Studies and Compliance
  • A&E Design Management and Coordination
  • Collocation Site Management
  • Lease Negotiation
  • Zoning Management
  • Permitting Coordination

Verikal Capabilities: Site Acquisition, Network Development and Deployment

Vertikal understands that Site Acquisition is the key to timely Network Deployment. Our Site Acquisition teams are driven to find the opportunities that make for informed decisions and on schedule Site Deployment. Time wasted chasing the wrong sites takes Network Development nowhere fast. Our unique "inside-outside" process along with the inherent checks and balances ensures the right sites are targeted from day one. A powerful combination of experienced professional staff and the industry's latest technology results in zoneable, buildable sites and moves the Client closer to the Network Development solutions they desire.

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