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Vertikal groups work together seamlessly to perform development services including:

RF Search Area Analysis and Research

When given a job assignment, the majority of acquisition companies send Agents into the field armed with coordinates and an RF required height. At Vertikal we recognize this stage of the development process as absolutely vital for overall project success. Mistakes made here translate to numerous problems in the later stages of development. Extensive background research on the search area is of utmost importance. Upon issuance of a search area we prepare the following before sending Agents into the field:
  • Preliminary FAA reports to determine if there are height limitations with any part of the search area.
  • Preliminary tower search of the FAA website for potential collocation opportunities. Eliminate locations based on jurisdictional separation requirements for new construction.
  • Extensive zoning research to determine the zoning processes and restrictions for the entire search. If there are questions as to the attainability of the RF requirements within the search, RF is immediately notified and an alternate plan is developed.
  • Preliminary environmental screens in known sensitive areas.
  • A detailed plan of action based on the research along with ownership maps, deeds, tax receipts, and other relevant issues regarding the search area.

After the research above, the Vertikal inside group will have already eliminated - due to zoning restrictions - sites where towers are not permitted. From various other maps they will eliminate sites that are too small or otherwise not suited for a tower locations.

At this point the Field Agents will drive the search area for a cursory review to look for any visible feature that might eliminate the potential site from consideration. The Agent will also field verify the existing structure heights and the possibility of collocation. If a collocation will work from an RF standpoint, the information is sent back and handled internally.

Based on internal research and field verification, the Agent identifies any site that meets the characteristics for an acceptable site location. Many factors are taken into consideration. Timeliness to Market, Overall Construction Costs, Zoning Concerns, Leasibility and Lease Costs are the main factors in the decision making process.

Preliminary Zoning Research

Once specific candidate sites are chosen based on the existing zoning information the Agent then meets with the jurisdiction. We have in-depth early interaction with Zoning Officials and other entities to identify and resolve issues before the site is ever submitted as a candidate.

Candidate Reports

Vertikal prepares extensive Site Acquisition Candidate Reports for each search ring.

The report contains all relevant information obtained in the analysis and research process. The following are typical inclusions:
  • Original Search Area Request Form and Maps
  • Street Maps with Site Marked
  • Candidate Package Checklist
  • Copy of Applications, if applicable
  • Entry and Testing Agreement
  • Certificate of Insurance
  • Site Sketch
  • RF Notice to Proceed
  • Existing Survey/Plat of Property
  • FAA and FCC Registration
  • Underlying Lease, if Leasehold
  • Copy of Deed and Legal Description
  • Tax Bill
  • Zoning Maps
  • Photographs
  • Topo Maps with Site Marked
  • Environmental Checklists
  • Flood Plain Maps
  • AM Tower Query

The Candidate Reports are tailored to specific Client needs and requirements.

Site Selection

The Client bases their site selection on the information contained in the Vertikal Candidate Reports. Our thorough research enables the Client to determine which site or sites to move forward with.

Lease Negotiation

Informal lease negotiations often begin with the initial approach in the candidate phase. After the site is formally selected by the Client, a lease document is prepared and the basic parameters of the lease are negotiated. Lease costs are a major component of expense on every project. Vertikal Agents are well versed in acceptable lease terms and work ceaselessly to drive these costs down.

Zoning and Permitting

The vast majority of zoning work is done before the site is ever submitted. Site selection and approval do not occur randomly. Vertikal consults with Citizen Groups, Neighborhood Associations, Municipal Authorities and Zoning Staff to determine appropriate sites to attain the desired coverage. Vertikal works closely with these entities to ensure that chosen locations blend well with the surroundings. We prepare and submit all zoning and permitting applications and represent our Clients before all applicable meetings in the zoning process.

A Caveat to Process

Building and using time-tested, strong, repeatable processes is the cornerstone of efficient and effective build-outs. Processes can make the pieces of the puzzle fit together easily. Knowing that things are done the same way every time gives the team and the Client confidence that nothing is missed and that the results, whether a document, an action, or a product, are trustworthy, useful and usable. Vertikal is all about process.

Having said that, processes are built from what has happened before and not necessarily from what is happening now. There is always the unexpected and the unplanned. That is the time for creativity and flexibility. Innovation and original thinking will absolutely be essential at some point in a project's life. In many projects it will be multiple times.

Some people and organizations get so caught up in the processes that they forget about results. Results are what Project Managers are paid for. We at Vertikal do not get so caught up in developing or following processes that we forget why we are here. We seek a specific product or outcome unfailingly. Processes are the means to an end, not the end itself.

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